We are exclusively into Model Trains. We sell, repair & handle digital upgrades, custom design+build layouts/diorama's to your specific requirements.
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TrainAidsA encourages and supports emerging hobbyists and entrpreneurs by providing initial guidance and assistance in procuring, materials and tools.

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Model Train Layouts/Dioramas
Build them as a business.
A hobbyist will need help in enhancing his layout and further to expand.
  - "realism" specialist for architectural modelmakers - add motion/sound.
  - display your model at malls or at exhibitions.
  - Create novel methods of generating additional revenue.

Locomotive Diagnostics and Maintenance
Provide a Service to the Hobby Community.
.... and establish a business too. A trusted repair facility is a necessary part of the world of hobbyists. Select from the scales to become a specialist in one of them.
  - Maintenance & Repairs of HO Scale
  - Maintenance & Repairs of N Scale
  - Maintenance & Repairs of T Scale

Scenery and Ambience
Just a few trains running on the floor is only the first step.
Soon, the need for a more scenic arrangement is felt and then comes the role of the scenery "consultant". How to make mountains, tunnels, add trees and have a station etc. Make them yourself or pre-manufactured, but they all need to be incorporated into the hobbyists layout. Why not get into this?

Electronic Control
Basic turns into realistic.
That is the normal progression in this world of model trains. Most hobbyists need assistance in converting their locomotives into digital control. The Layouts into more realistic ones with functioning signals and block control of trains.

Conversions and Weathering
Make Rolling Stock project realism
Add the realism of smoke and sound. Make them look used and as you remember seeing them when you were younger. Convert from DC to DCC or AC 3-rail. All in a days work.

We would support your effort . . .
. . . so plan to provide these services to the modelling community.
TrainAidsA will help you get the tools and the materials which you need to accomplish your goal. We will also be happy to provide you guidance.
Write to us: enq [at]