We are exclusively into Model Trains. We sell, repair & handle digital upgrades, custom design+build layouts/diorama's to your specific requirements.
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Join Our Network

TrainAidsA is also encouraging building of a community of people with common and/or related interests.

Those with skills. Those who want to provide services. Those who would like to learn, are all a part of our community.

With such a community and a helping-hand network, we feel that hobbyists at all levels benefit. This has been the strength that has made some hobbies survive for more than a few generations. Modelling trains is one of them.

We need to get in touch with you if you . . .
  . . would like to learn how to build models. Or perhaps, help others build models.
  . . know a lot about tracks and turnouts/points/switches.
  . . are an engineer and would like to repair model locomotives.
  . . can teach or tinker with basic electronics.
  . . are perhaps an artist. Maybe you can assist in scenery building or decorating.
  . . are nifty with a camera.
  . . have interests or skills that we have not heard about. That's fine too.

Are you motivated and creative ? Because Model Train Hobbyists in your region need your help. Anything you can do, can be used to promote the hobby and support the hobbyist and therefore you! Then please go ahead and send us an email or meet with us at any of our workshops. Include your background and your interests in and out of this subject. . . .

. . . and become a part of a growing network.

Even if you have no such skills, but are interested, write to us with your ideas. Let's talk!

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