We are exclusively into Model Trains. We sell, repair & handle digital upgrades, custom design+build layouts/diorama's to your specific requirements.
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Mini Machines
Professional Quality from your home workshop.
Unimat Series / Styro Cut / CNC-Line
Mini Machines from Austria

Exclusively for the Hobbyist

UNIMAT ? Range of Products from The CoolTool
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Within seconds, a UNIMAT1 can be assembled into six or more different machine tools, each no larger than a simple sheet of paper.
  • Features of big industrial machines, in convenient, portable, mini size.
  • Sold in India with Universal Power Supply or 220-240v as per present inventory.
  • Register for Upcoming Training Sessions by Company Engineers.
  • Technical Assistance & Support Available.
Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact your dealer for a written quotation.

Unimat Playmat ( Item 901 200 )
Contents: PLAYMAT is a realistic, fully operational, model-making system. It was developed for the youngest "Do-It-Yourselfers". PLAYMAT is a real machine, but in spite of it, turning, sawing, drilling and sanding with PLAYMAT is mere "child's play".
Execute, many models and projects with detailed plans from an easy level to a higher and difficult level.
A Great Gift
for Kids !
 Playmat for Kids
 Made by Kids by Playmat
Spare Parts Available as for all UNIMAT Models.
Price: ₨ 19,805 + Local Shipping
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Unimat Basic Set ( Item 160 100 )
Contents: Great addition to school and training workshops, a fantastic portable machine for modelmakers and a must for home based toys and kits manufacturers.
Included in the set are the components for a jigsaw, diverse variations of woodturning machines, a handheld sander a stationary sander, and a handheld drilling machine. All the machines of the UNIMAT1 BASIC kit are child-friendly. Due to the short strokes of the jigsaw blade, the fingers of a young carpenter cannot be injured. At the same time, professionals are delighted by the accurate and precise cutting of the saw.
Unimat Basic Set
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Price: ₨ 32,636 + Local Shipping
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Unimat Classic Set ( Item 160 141 )
Contents: The CLASSIC Set contains all the components of the BASIC Set and much, much more: Indispensable for machine makers is the three jaw chuck for positioning of a metal slug, the clamping jaw for accurate fixing of the included high-speed turning steel, and the three sledges allowing for the ability to work in any angle and any position. Remember that this can be expanded with additional parts, more power and many other options. Unimat 1 Classic Set
Click picture for more information including "how-to-use" videos etc.
Price: ₨ 61,426 + Local Shipping
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Unimat Metal Line Set ( Item 160 200 )
Contents: As a high end Starter Sit we offer the Unimat ML Set 160 200 which allows for the machine variants mill (vertical and horizontal), lathe with raised tool holder and drill (also for pearl drilling). For owners of this Unimat1 Set many upgrades to their Metal-Line are available. Longer beds, additional accessories and spare parts are all also available. Please contact any of our dealers for further information. Unimat Metal Line Set
Click picture for more information including "how-to-use" videos etc.
Price: ₨ 1,07,610 + Local Shipping
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Styro Cut 3D Set ( Item 9001AASet )
Contents: STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine for the thermal treatment of styrofoam and similar synthetic materials. With StyroCut, a common steel wire is heated up to 800 degrees Celsius that allows for cutting in any profile. The biggest advantages of the steel wire are: it can be formed into any shape, it is much more economical, and it has a very long life. Styro Cut 3D Set
Click picture for more information including "how-to-use" videos etc.
Price: ₨ 22,938 + Local Shipping
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For Extension beds, gear cutting attachments and other accessories for Unimat Metal Line, and other information on the range of models, lease write to us with your specific requirements. CNC Extensions for Metal line are available in both 3 and 4 axes.
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The Cool Tool Range of Products
UNIMAT 1: Jig-Saw, Milling, Drilling and a Lathe for wood and metal. More >
UNIMATMetal Line : Process complex pieces of metal upto 0.05mm precision. More >
UNIMATPower Line : Bigger Dimensions and Harder Materials. More >
UNIMATCNC : CNC Expansion for MetalLine with Stepper Motors etc.
MetalLine CNC:
  • Cross Slide: travel 32mm, special sizes up to 2000mm
  • Longitudinal Slide: travel 145mm, special sizes up to 5000mm
  • Accuracy: max. 0,08mm
  • CNC-Turning Machine
  • CNC-Lathe - up to 6 axles
  • Styro-Cut 3D : Simple & Rugged for Styrofoam & Similar Materials.